February 22 is Twosday!

February 19, 2022

February 22 of 2022 falls on a Tuesday!  So, we at Crayons to Classrooms are celebrating Twosomeness for a whole week: two subject notebooks, 24 pack of crayons, and #2 pencils.  Let’s focus on #2 pencils for the moment!

A #2 pencil is the Goldilocks of pencils: not too hard, not too soft, and good for pretty much all of your pencil needs. Did you know that the average #2 pencil can write 45,000 words? Imagine the stories written, the drawings created, and the math problems solved when a student has access to a pencil!

Sadly, thousands of students don’t have supplies like pencils to participate in the classroom.  In a recent survey, teachers reported that 75% of their students lack the basic supplies they need to succeed throughout the school year. 

During the 2020-2021 school year Crayons to Classrooms distributed more than $3.1M in free school supplies to teachers from 118 schools, including more than 10,000 pencils! 

To our point, TWOday, we are asking for your support to provide core learning supplies to 46,000 students around the Miami Valley, including those golden #2 pencils.  

A gift of just $22 can provide 500 pencils; think of the stories student will write!

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