Off-Site Projects

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Crayons to Classrooms has several volunteer projects that can be done remotely. These are all part of our Classroom Solutions program ā€“ products for our teachers made entirely by volunteers. Whether you want to do something on your own, with your family, or with your community group or office team, we have a project for you!

Pocket Hugs

This is a great way to use up leftover fabric! These small stuffed shapes can be used by students to calm themselves or provide sensory input to help them concentrate. While the most popular shape is the hearts, we can also use circles, squares, and triangles! Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration! Step by step instructions and patterns can be found here.


A simple 10 page journal with printed covers is one of our most popular items! This project has two options ā€“ your group can provide the paper and print the covers yourself, or Crayons to Classrooms can provide paper and covers for your group. The journals can be assembled at your church, school, or other location and the finished journals returned to us. We distribute over 3,000 journals every month, so any amount you can contribute will help! Want to customize the cover for your group? Reach out to us and we can help with that! Instructions are available here. The default cover is available here.

Color Journals

These smaller journals are made of half-sheets of standard construction paper in 10 colors, stapled together. These can be used to learn colors, for art projects, or to create writing or math journals ā€“ so many uses! You can purchase the construction paper yourself, or reach out to us for supplies. Instructions can be found here.

Hats And Mittens

We are in constant need of warm hats and mittens that can be made available to our teachers for their students who do not have these items. Our teachers need these items in sizes to fit pre-kindergarten students through high school students. Check out our Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration!

Not a sewist? Crayons to Classrooms actively collects donations of yarn to share with our volunteers. Hosting a drive to collect hats, mittens, and gloves is also very helpful!

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Crayons to Classrooms highlights a need for schools that serve low income students. They stock a wide variety of school supplies that teachers can then come and "shop" for (all for free). Many people have heard that teachers spend their own money to provide things that their students need. This nonprofit has opened the eyes of the citizens of Dayton, OH, and allowed the community to take this burden off teachers' shoulders. The office and store are well-run and the staff excellent. A model organization.

- Anonymous Donor