Classroom Solutions

Homegrown Products

Our Classroom Solutions Initiative improves classroom learning outcomes through innovative lesson plans and materials that helps teachers engage students in curriculum standards through hands-on activities. This initiative is designed to provide teachers with educational materials that add depth and value to their lesson plans and classroom displays. Products are made by Crayons to Classrooms’ volunteers, using mostly donated and grant funded supplies. These products are then distributed to teachers from our store. The items are developed in direct response to teachers’ needs and suggestions.

It All Adds Up

C2C continually works to procure materials to continue offering our current Classroom Solutions products, and to develop new products that will assist teachers in their classrooms.

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Number Of Classroom Solution Products Distributed
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Most Needed Classroom Solutions Supplies

If you’d like to donate supplies to this program, we regularly need these items:

  • Pony Beads
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • 10-Color packs of construction paper
  • Cardstock in bright colors
  • 6-sided dice, any color
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Ziploc bags, sandwich size

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“I had a great experience at Crayons to Classrooms. It was easy, organized and fun! I love going shopping for teacher and classroom supplies each year, but when I was able to do the same thing and come back to school with all the FREE LUTE it was so much more fun! Teachers spend a lot of money for their classrooms each and every year. This is so refreshing that people see a need. This is a great opportunity for all educators. Thank you!!”

- Crayons to Classrooms Teacher