Crayons to Classrooms Surpasses $30 Million in Distributions to Dayton Teachers

May 1, 2023

This March, Crayons to Classrooms celebrated distributing over $30 million in merchandise to local teachers since opening in 2009! C2C was born out of a deep concern for underserved students and the teachers who were dedicated to helping them thrive. Their pilot program in 2009 allowed C2C to serve teachers at 8 schools in the Dayton area. Just 14 years later, Crayons to Classrooms serves over 2,000 teachers at 122 schools and 7 childcare centers.

During the 2021-22 school year alone, C2C distributed 7,111 packs of crayons and 10,489 packs of pencils to local teachers. Writing utensils and other consumable products like notebooks are the organization’s most needed supplies. Bonnie Smith, C2C Founding Board Member and former educator to inner city youth in Dayton, experienced the need for writing utensils in her own classrooms. As a math teacher, Bonnie says she “would often break pencils in half to make sure there were enough to go around.” Bonnie, like so many other local teachers, quickly realized that they would  need to reach into their own pockets to provide and care for their students.

“Crayons to Classrooms is all over my classroom,” shares Ms. Linz, teacher at Belmont High. Right now in my field of vision I see thumbtacks, a mirror, pens, pencils, and the dry erase markers my students are using to play on the board. My students never have to worry about not having what they need. I am able to remove the barrier for them completely because of C2C.

Throughout the month of March, C2C hosted weekly giveaways to celebrate $30 million in distributions. Over 490 teachers entered the giveaways and 30 teachers won free supplies for themselves and their students. Crayons to Classrooms, along with community partners, volunteers, and individual donors, provides teachers with core school supplies so they can focus on teaching and their students can focus on learning.

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