Shook Construction’s Mission to Mozambique Builds Hope

February 23, 2023

Shook Construction’s mission is to dramatically improve the communities they serve. This commitment is deeply rooted within Shook’s culture to “assist those in need, to have the courage to step outside [their] comfort zone, and to do good for others.” They feel a responsibility to go into parts of the globe where people lack the infrastructure that they can help provide.

Shook defines “community” broadly and has set out to improve the lives of others by assisting communities in need around the world. The Shook team has completed two Mission Trips in order to live out their mission globally. In 2019, they sent a team to Timusi, Bolivia to improve their water supply system and bring clean drinking water to the remote mountain village. In 2022, eight Shook employees went to Mozambique, East Africa to build new, on-campus teacher dormitories for a remote school.

To tell the story of Shook Construction’s Mission to Mozambique, they partnered with ManaVision, a Dayton video and production company, to film and produce a documentary that follows the journey of eight employees on the trip. The film captures their experience of being “immersed in the Mozambican culture and [shares] what they discovered: that in giving back, they received far more than they could have imagined.”

Matt Huelsman, Vice President of Education at Shook Construction, became a Board Member with Crayons to Classrooms in November 2020. Matt and the entire Shook team are committed to improving the local Dayton community in various ways and seeking out communities in need around the world. Crayons to Classrooms is thankful for Matt and the team’s dedication to going above and beyond to support education.

Watch the trailer now or the full documentary, Obrigado Mucombeze, below to learn more about the reality of daily life in Mozambique and how this trip impacted their employees:

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