RELX Cares Provides Funds for Over 11,000 Solar Eclipse Glasses

April 5, 2024

In 2023, RELX Cares awarded Crayons to Classrooms a grant of $12,000 towards STEM supplies. Lack of STEM supplies can lead to students missing out on opportunities to develop early interest and skill in science and math. Supplies like protractors, calculators, math kits, and STEM kits are not easy to come by in local classrooms. This funding was used to purchase these essential STEM supplies that have been requested by Dayton teachers.

Among the items purchased with this grant were solar eclipse glasses. This purchase makes it easy for local students to safely watch the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8th. All 11,400 pairs of glasses have been distributed to teachers at our partner schools. It’s exciting that so many students will be able to safely experience this once-in-a-lifetime learning event as a result of this generous grant!

In a recent article, the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce shares about how they help districts, schools, and teachers prepare their students to participate in the solar eclipse viewing experience. The organization encourages using this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon as a learning opportunity for Ohio students. There will be a total solar eclipse in Dayton a little after 3 in the afternoon, giving Miami Valley teachers a unique opportunity to incorporate this experience into any educational content matter. By providing funds for solar eclipse glasses, RELX has given over 11,000 local students the chance to safely and educationally participate in Dayton’s total solar eclipse.



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