December 2, 2021
Fall Shopping Numbers Are Up at C2C

99 teachers and $81,779.65 in merchandise provided to our teachers! The more supplies we distribute, the more students we are able to impact!

December 1, 2021
Fall Fundraising Highlights

We received amazing support during UD Greek Week and Giving Tuesday!

“I was so pleasantly surprised with my recent trip to Crayons to Classrooms! I had never visited before and was thrilled to hear that our high school students volunteered at C2C which won some of our teachers a shopping spree. What an organized establishment! No strings attached, simply FREE things for you as a teacher, your students and your school! Backpacks, face masks, hand sanitizer, pens, pencils, binders, sticky notes, markers, books, you name it! The ladies at Crayons to Classrooms bent over backwards with their willingness to help us shop for our needs. This was an amazing experience and my students benefited greatly!”

- Crayons to Classrooms Teacher

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